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Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung | 29 – 31 Juli  2013 | IDR  9.750.000
Hotel Golden Flower, Bandung | 29 – 31 Oktober  2013  | IDR  9.750.000


Setelah menyelesaikan kursus ini diharapkan peserta dapat :

  • Memahami prinsip-prinsip dasar dan berbagai perhitungan sederhana untuk pelaksanaan pemboran sumur-sumur minyak, gas dan reservoir panas bumi, pengembangan pelaksanaan  perhitungan ini untuk meningkatkan kinerja pemboran sumur-sumur di lapangan.
  • Melakukan diagnosis sederhana dan memengerti penyelesaian dan membuat suatu sumur minyak, gas atau panas bumi.
  • Membuat analisis sederhana terhadap data eksplorasi sumuran minyak, gas dan panas bumi , kemudian mampu melakukan perancangan global pemboran  kinerja dan merencanakan pengembangannya.
  • Melakukan perhitungan-perhitungan kuantitatip sederhana untuk perencanaan lumpur pemboran, semen, hidrolika, well control.
  •  Mempergunakan pengetahuan dalam perancangan pemboran tegak, untuk keperluan perancangan pemboran sumur miring, sumur horizontal baik dengan teknologi overbalance maupun underbalance.
  •   Pengetahuan tentang Peraturan Perundangan dalam K3L
  • K3L dalam Operasi Pemboran



  •  Latar belakang  : Operator/Senior Operator/Engineer/Non Engineer



Introduction : Rotary Drilling Operations

  •  Steps to drilling a well
  •  Types of rigs
  •  Rig Components
  • Rig Systems

  Rheology of Drilling and Completion Fluids

  •  Equations and Inflow Performance RelationshipFunctions of Drilling/Completion
  • Fluids
  • Fluid Types,
  • Fluid Models
  •  Introduction to Rotary Viscometer
  • Other Testing Equipment
  • Objectives of Monitoring Fluids

  Mud System

  •  General Equations and ConceptsDiagnostic tests
  • Water based muds
  •  Oil based muds
  • Additives
  •  Mud handling system


  •  Tubing DesignFunctions of cement
  •  Cement Types
  • Cement Additives

Oil Field Tubulars and Hydraulics

  • Drill string
  •  Casing and tubing
  • Casing classification
  • Stresses on casing
  •  Casing setting depth
  • Burst and collapse calculations
  • Wellheads

  Drilling System – Pressure Loss Calculations

  • Hydrostatics
  • Buoyancy
  • Flow through pipes and annuli
  • Flow path
  •  Pressure loss calculations

  Drilling System – Bit & Nozzles

  • Hydrostatics Bit Types
  • Bit Parts
  • Bit Classification
  •  Bit Nozzles

Introduction to Well Control

  •  Hydrostatics Definitions
  • Causes of kicks
  • Kick indicators
  •  Shut-in procedure
  •  Well Kill Procedures

 Directional Drilling

  •  Reasons for directional wells
  • Planning Trajectory
  •  Kickoff Methods
  •  Survey Methods
  • Survey Calculations

Health, Safety and Environmental Consideration in Drilling Operation

  • Peraturan Perundangan tentang K3L
  • Pengauh Gas Beracun pada Operasi Pemboran
  •  Pengaruh  Gas Beracun Bagi Kesehatan
  • H2S
  • Gas Detection Equipments
  • Noise level & exposure in Oil Gas Industry
  • Noise Mapping


  1. Dr.Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA
  2. Ir. Amega Yasutra, MT

Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1979 and hold Doctorate Degree with honored in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon I, France. The topic of his thesis is Modelisation Numerique d’Ecoulements Polyphasiques en Milieux Poreux Application au Cas de Calcul des Champs de Pressions et de Saturations dans un Gisement de Petrole.

For the time being, he became a lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB. His subjects are Analysis and Numerical Method, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Simulation, Fluid Mechanic, Artificial Intelligence for Petroleum Engineering.

He also gave many courses to the community, such as: basic reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation, basic production engineering, down hole well testing, statistic and numerical method for petroleum engineering, basic log interpretation, etc. He is a member of some profession organization such as: IATMI, SPE/EIME, IMA, HAIAI, FPS-USA,



Vanue  : Hotel Golden Flower  Bandung


  • 29-31 Juli  2013  ( Batch I )
  • 29-31 Oktober  2013 ( Batch II)


IDR  9.750.000,- /Participant Non residential. Fir send 3 participant from the same company IDR. 8.250.000,-/participant.


  • Training Kit
  •   Soft Copy Material Training On Flashdisk 4GB.
  •  Coffee Break & Lunch
  • Certifikat
  •   Souvenir
  • Additional Program (optional)


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