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Horizontal Well for Oil and Gas Reservoir

Horizontal Well for Oil and Gas Reservoir
Hotel Melia Purosani, Yogyakarta | Senin-Rabu , 10 – 12 September  2012 | Rp. 7.000.000 per peserta


This course takes a comprehensive look at the functions of drilling fluids, and then addresses how to engineer a mud system. Both water based and oil based mud systems are treated.


1. Overview Of Horizontal Well Technology

  • Introduction
  •  Limitations of Horizontal Wells
  • Horizontal Well Applications
  • Drilling Techniques
  • Horizontal Well Lengths Based Upon Drilling Techniques and Drainage
  • Area Limitations
  • Completion Techniques

2. Reservoir Engineering Concepts

  •  Introduction
  • Skin Factor
  • Skin Damage for Horizontal Wells
  • Effective Wellbore Radius
  • Productivity Index, J
  • Flow Regimes
  • Influence of Area Anisotropy

3. Steady – State Solutions

  • Introduction
  • Steady-State Productivity of Horizontal Wells
  • Effective Wellbore Radius of a Horizontal Well
  •  Productivity of Slant Wells
  • Comparison of Slant Well and Horizontal Well Productivities
  •  Formation Damage in Horizontal Wells
  • Field Histories

4. Influence Of Well Eccentricity

  • Introduction
  • Influence of Well Eccentricity
  • Drilling Several Wells
  • Horizontal Wells at Different Elevation

5. Comparison Of Horizontal And Fractured Vertical Wells

  • Introduction
  • Vertical Well Stimulation
  • Types of Fractures
  • Comparison of Horizontal Wells and Finite Conductivity Fractures
  • Horizontal Wells in Fractured Reservoir
  • Fractured Horizontal Wells

6. Transient well Testing

  • Introduction
  • Mathematical Solutions and Their Practical Implications
  • Generalized Flow Regimes
  • Pressure Response
  • Detailed Well Testing Flow Regimes
  • Pressure Derivatives
  • Wellbore Storage Effects
  • Practical Considerations

7. Pseudo – Steady State Flow

  •  Introduction
  • Shape Factors of Horizontal Wells
  • Horizontal Well Pseudo-Steady State Productivity Calculations
  • Inflow Performance of Partially Open Horizontal Wells
  • Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) for Horizontal Wells in Solution
  • Gas-Drive Reservoirs
  • Predicting Horizontal Well Performance in Solution Gas-Drive Reservoirs

8. Water And Gas Coning In And Horizontal Wells

  • Introduction
  • Critical Rate Definition
  • Critical Rate By Production Testing
  • Water and Gas Conning in Horizontal Wells
  • Horizontal Well Breakthrough Time in a Bottom
  • Water Drive Reservoir
  • Breakthrough Time for a Horizontal Well in a Reservoir with Gas Cap or Bottom Water
  • Cone Breakthrough Time for Horizontal Wells in Reservoir With Both Gas Cap and Bottom Water
  • Critical Rate for Horizontal Wells in Edge-Water Drive Reservoir
  • Practical Considerations
  • Field Histories

9. Horizontal Wells In Gas Reservoirs

  • Introduction
  • Gas Reserve Estimation
  • Gas Flow Through Porous Media
  • Horizontal Well Application
  • Production Type Curves
  •  Cases Histories

10. Pressure Drop Through A horizontal Well

  • Introduction
  • Influence of High Pressure Drops
  • Remedies to Minimize High Wellbore Pressure Drops
  • Pressure Drop Through a Horizontal Well
  • Comment on Fully Developed Friction Factors
  • Pressure Drop in Curved Wellbore Section
  • Drilled Wellbore Sizes and Liner Sizes


Dr.Ir. KRT. Nursuhascaryo, MSc


  1. Drilling, Completion, Production, Reservoir, Operation and Research Engineers
  2. Managers in drilling, completion, production, and exploration
  3. And others involved in various phases horizontal wells or wanting to gain an up-to-date understanding of this continually evolving technolog


  • Hotel Melia Purosani , Yogyakarta
  • Senin-Rabu , 10 – 12 September  2012
  • 08.00  – 16.00 WIB


  • Biaya Rp. 7.000.000 per peserta
  • Pembayaran dapat dilakukan pada saat pelatihan


Training Modules, Training Kit, Certificate, Exclusive Souvenir, Dinner & City Tour, Coffee Break & Lunch
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