Introduction Combined Cycle Power Plant Operation

Introduction Combined Cycle Power Plant Operation
Holiday Inn, Bandung | 8-11 May 2012 | IDR 8.597.000,-/participant
Holiday Inn, Bandung |  7-10 Auguts 2012 | IDR 8.597.000,-/participant
Holiday Inn, Bandung | 6-9  November 2012 | IDR 8.597.000,-/participant


This 3 days Course has been developed  to improve the effectiveness of the operation and maintenace activities of combined cycle power plants. “Get the big picture” first, next learn how the individual components function, and then put it all together into the power plant design that has revolutionized the electric generation industry.

This course offers a firm understanding of the basic operations of Combine Cycle Plants.The course is designed for those persons with no or limited knowledge of Combine Cycle Plants.

The objective of this course is to give participants an understanding of basic Combine Cycle Power Plants operations as well as a fundamental knowledge on plant start-up, normal operations, shutdown and abnormal operations. A distinct emphasis upon safe, efficient power plant operations.

Who should attend

Operators, engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel of operating facilities as well those who may work in affiliated industries, who wish to gain an understanding of the day-to-day operation of  Combine Cycle Power Plant.


1.    Introduction

  • Introduction of Instructor
  • Review Outline
  • Discuss Course Text
  • Class Participation
  •  Class Structure
  • Course Objective

2.    Thermodinamic principles

  • Type of energy
  • Law of thermodinamics Type of energy
  • Law of thermodinamics (Firs and Secon Law, T/S Diagram)
  •  Water and Steam (Properties of Water, Steam and Tables, Molier Steam)
  • Heat Transfer (Conduction, Convention, Radiation, energy balance and Heat Transfer)
  •   Combustion Theory (Principles, Requirement , Product, and Fuel Heating Value)

3.    Introduction to Combustion Turbines

  •  Turbine Function
  • Component Description
    •  Turbine flow
    •  Air inlet equipment
    •  Compressor section
    • Combustion section
    • Exhaust section
    • Barings
    •  Compressor rotor
    •  Turbine rotor

4.    Combustion Turbine System

  • Lube Oil System
  • Hydraulic Supply
  •  Cooling And Sealing Air
  • Fuel Gas System
  •  Fuel Oil System
  •   Fuel Forwarding System
  • Nox Control System
  • Atomizing Air System
  • Inlet Guide Vane System
  • Compressor Cleaning System
  • Inlet System
  •  Starting System
  • Protection System
  • HBAV System
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Gas Turbine Operation
    • Pre-Start Inspection
    •   Normal Start Up
    •  Normal Ops. Checks
    •   Normal Shutdown
    •   Emergency Procedure

5.    Heat Recovery Steam Generators ((HRSG)

  •    Overview
  • Water and Steam Circutis
    •   Pressure System
    • Gas Flow Path
  • Major Componenets
  • Auxillary Equipment (Daerator, Safety Valves, Water Gauges and Indicators
  •  System Control (Drum Level Controllers, Steam Temp. Controller)
  • Opreation Procedure ( Pre Opr., Checkout, Initial Filling, Cold Start – Up, Warm Start-Up, Shutdown)

6.    Steam Turbine

  • Turbine Principles
  • Turbine Constructions
  • Main Steam Valves
  • Turbines System (Lube Oil, Gland Seal System, EHC Hydraulic System)
  •   Turbine Supervisory instrument
  • Turbine Opration

7.    Generators (Electrical Fundamental, Construction, Operatoion, Excitation)
8.    Balance Of Plant System

  • Water Treatment System
  • Closed Cooling Water System
  • Circulating Water System
  • Condensate System
  • Freedwater System
  • Compressed system
  • Fuel Gas Supply System

9.    Integrated Plant Operations
10.    Combined Cycle Plant Perfomance
11.    Course Conclusion


Syahbardia, Ir. MT. And Team

He is  alumnus of mechanical engineering the institude technology Bandung, ITB (undergraduate), and materials engineering ITB for the master program. He had been a lecturer at the Polytechnic of ITB / POLBAN and now he became a lecturer in engineering at the university Pasundan, Bandung. He has practical field experience as a mechanical engineer when he worked, as in IPTN, PINDAD, and PAL.

Ir. Syahbardia, MT. has often become an instructor in industrial trainings for companies in Indonesia. Among the titles that he conveyed was that the Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Pump, Compressor Characteristic Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Rotary Equipment Maintenance, Lubrication, Operation, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting, Materials Selection and Knowledge for Engineers, Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine Performance, Welding Inspection, Turbine & Generator Operation, Boiler Water Treatment, Pump Operation and Maintenance, Electrical Motor Control Systems, Corrosion and Cathodic Protection, Fluid Flow Measurement, Generator Preventive Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Management, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, and others.


Waktu           : 08.30-16.30 WIB
Tempat         : Holiday Inn Bandung
Tanggal        :

  • 8-11 May 2012 (Bacth II)
  • 7-10 Auguts 2012 (Bacth III)
  • 6-9  November 2012 (Batch IV)


  • IDR 8.597.000,-/participant non residensial. For send 3 participant discount 10 %.


  • Meeting Room Hotel ****
  • Training KIT
  • Souvenir
  • Sertifikat
  • 2 X Coffe Break + Lunch


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