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Power System Stability and Control

Power System Stability and Control

Dafam Fortuna Hotel, Yogyakarta | 25 – 28 Agustus 2015 | IDR 7,000,000



This seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of power system stability and control problems. This includes the basic concepts, physical aspects of the phenomena, methods of analysis, examples of major power grid blackouts due to different categories of system instability, challenges to the secure operation of present-day power systems, and comprehensive approach to enhancing system security. Power System Stability and Control  seminar will also cover in detail various technologies available today to prevent voltage instability on power systems, including static var compensators and inverter-based dynamic compensators. Case studies of actual voltage instability problems and equipment solutions will also be presented. The impact of wind generation on system voltage stability, interconnect requirements, as well as reactive power and voltage control equipment solutions will also be covered.


Utility engineers, consultants (especially those involved with IPP/DG design), equipment/control engineers, generator packager and manufacturer engineers as well as others who specify protective relays and develop settings for these devices.


1.    Introduction to Power System Stability

  • Definition and classification of power system stability
  • Brief description of each category of system stability
  • Conceptual relationship between power system stability, security and reliability
  • Traditional approach power system security assessment

2.    Review of Equipment Characteristics and Modelling

  •  Synchronous machines: theory and modelling, machine parameters, saturation modelling, synchronous machine representation in stability studies, reactive capability limits.
  •  Excitation systems: elements of an excitation system, types of excitation systems, control and protective functions, modelling.
  • Prime movers and governing systems: hydraulic turbines and governing systems, steam turbines and governing systems, gas turbines and combined-cycle units.
  • Generating unit testing and model validation: test procedures, current industry practices.
  • AC Transmission: performance equations and parameters, surge impedance loading, voltage-power characteristics, reactive power requirements, loadability characteristics, factors influencing transfer of active and reactive power.
  • Power system loads: basic modelling concepts, static and dynamic models, acquisition of load model parameters.

3.    Control of Active Power and Frequency:

  •  Fundamentals of frequency control
  • Composite regulating characteristics of power systems
  •  Automatic generation control
  • Under-frequency load shedding

4.    Control of Reactive Power and Voltage

  •  Control objectives
  • Production and absorption of reactive power
  •  Methods of voltage control
  •  Principles of reactive compensation in transmission systems
  •  Static and dynamic compensators

5.    Transient (angle) Stability

  • An elementary view of the transient stability problem
  •  Simulation of power system dynamic response
  •  Numerical integration methods
  • Performance of protective relaying
  • Transient stability enhancement
  • Case studies
  • Examples of major system blackouts due to transient instability

6.    Small-Signal (angle) Stability

  • Nature and description of small-signal stability (SSS) problems
  • Methods of analysis; modal analysis approach
  • Characteristics of local-plant mode and inter-area mode oscillations
  • Case studies
  • SSS enhancement
  • Examples of major system disturbances due to small-signal instability

7.    Subsynchronous Oscillations

  • Steam turbine generator torsional characteristics
  • Torsional interaction with power system controls: PSS, HVDC converter controls
  • Subsynchronous resonance
  • Impact of network-switching disturbances

8.    Voltage Stability

  •  Description of the phenomenon
  •  Factors influencing voltage stability
  • Methods of analysis
  •  Examples of major system disturbances due to voltage instability
  • Prevention of voltage instability
  • Technologies for prevention of voltage instability :
  1.  Static VAR compensators
  2. Large STATCOMs
  3. Smaller inverter-based dynamic compensators
  •  Case studies and illustrative examples

9.    Frequency Stability

  •  Nature and description of frequency stability problems
  •  Examples of system disturbances caused by frequency instability
  •   Analysis of frequency stability problems
  • Case studies
  •  Mitigation of frequency stability problems

10.    Wind Turbine Generators

  • Wind turbine characteristics
  •  Types of wind turbine generator technologies
  •  Protection systems
  • Impact on power system dynamic performance
  • Wind generation interconnect requirements
  •  Equipment solutions for wind plant reactive power and voltage control
  • Case studies of wind plant compensation systems

11.    Major Power Grid Blackouts in 2003

  • Description of events
  • Causes of blackouts
  • Lessons learned

12.    Comprehensive Approach to Power System Security

  •  Requirements
  • Application of power system controls
  •   Defense plans against extreme contingencies
  •  Restoration plans
  •  On-line security assessment
  •   Reliability management system
  •    Real-time monitoring and control
  •  Risk-based Dynamic Security Assessment


Teguh Santoso, Ir
Teguh Santoso experienced more than 26 years in Electrical.


  • Presentation
  • Discuss
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation
  • Simulation


  • Dafam Fortuna Hotel, Jl. Dagen 60 Malioboro Yogyakarta
  • 27 – 30 January 2015
  • 23 – 26 Maret 2015
  • 15 – 18 Juni 2015
  • 25 – 28 Agustus 2015
  • 4 days (08 am – 04 pm)



IDR 7.000,000.00 per participant non residential


  • Power System Stability and Control  Module / Handout
  • Certificate
  • Souvenir
  • Training Kit

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