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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (PASTI JALAN)

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Grand Seriti Hotel, Bandung | Jun 21-24, 2010 | Rp.7.250.000,-


  1. Apprising maintenance performance and effectiveness
  2. Typical maintenance controls
  3. Reactive maintenance
  4. Anticipative maintenance
  5. Ascertainment of equipment condition
  6. The need for preventive maintenance
  7. Why preventive maintenance
  8. Preventive Predictive maintenance objectives
  9. Preventive Predictive maintenance prerequisites
  10. Preventive maintenance feasibility analysis
    • Policies
    • PM program functions
    • Cost impact
    • Saving potential


  1. Assignment of organizational responsibilities typical maintenance functional assignments operational concepts
  2. Equipment to be included
  3. Equipment inventory sheet ? examples
  4. Equipment numbering concepts
  5. The PM work order
    • Developing the inspection sheet
    • ECS rating sheet as cross reference
    • Sample of equipment components
  6. Spare parts and material needs
  7. Inspection sheet examples
  8. Determining the frequency cycle
    • Frequency cycle examples
    • Scheduled frequency overview
  9. Developing job safety practices ? typical examples
  10. Considering manual versus computerization
  11. Predictive maintenance can determine maintenance requirement
  12. Predictive maintenance and its applied techniques as part of the PM program
    • Vibration analysis
    • Wear particle analyzing
    • Thermography


  1. Job planning
  2. The planning function
  3. Planning, Service to do
  4. Job planning prerequisite
  5. Planners qualifications
  6. Duties and responsibilities of planners
  7. The hob package
  8. Line supervisors qualifications
  9. Planning permits Us, to forecast, communicate and measure
  10. What job should be planned
  11. Time required to perform work?labor content
  12. Standard defined
  13. Consistency of estimating
  14. Estimating methods
  15. Work backlog
  16. Scheduling of maintenance work
    • PERT and CPM as scheduling tools
    • Loading of the PM work order
    • Load leveling
    • Weekly scheduling
  17. Manpower requirements forecasting
    • Forecasting by crew
    • Forecasting by department
  18. Weekly schedule – Computer and manual example
  19. Training of personnel


  1. Preventive maintenance administration
    • Planned maintenance
    • Special tools and equipment
    • Service user coordination
  2. Equipment availability
    • Service user notification ? examples
    • Automotive notification – examples
  3. Control reporting
    • What should be included
    • Schedule for supervisor
    • Schedule for supervisor service user
    • Overdue for maintenance and service user
    • Missed PM report for maintenance and service user
    • Complete PM?s
    • Summary report of all PM?s completed
    • Listing of all PM?s set-up in program
    • Planning and scheduling index example
  4. Assurance of work performed
  5. Conformance and auditing
  6. Feedback evaluation/corrective action cycle


  1. Effectiveness of the preventive maintenance program
  2. Refining the PM program
  3. 3Correlating preventive maintenance to breakdown maintenance
  4. Measuring and appraising the PM program
  5. Equipment history
  6. Analyzing equipment failures
  7. Some relevant maintenance control indices


  1. How to organize, develop and implement a successful preventive maintenance program summary
  2. Adapting the PM concept at your location
  3. Hands-on exercise


  • Maintenance Manager/ Superintendent/ Supervisor/ Engineer
  • Plant Manager/ Superintendent/ Supervisor/ Engineer
  • Operation Manager/ Superintendent/ Supervisor/ Engineer
  • Everybody or professional who want to get benefit or broaden knowledge from this course

DR. Ir. I Wayan Suweca and team/Ir. Deddy Nugraha

DR. Ir. I Wayan Suweca has been a senior consulting engineer specialist for PT. TIMAH Tbk., PT. TAMBANG BATUBARA Bukit Asam, KONDUR Petroleum S.A., and PT. KAI whereas he’s involved in failure analysis of machineries and equipments’ design. Mr. Wayan also is a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering at ITB since 1987 and has conducted numerous short courses and seminars for various major oil companies such as PT. CALTEX Pacific Indonesia, PT. FREEPORT Indonesia as well as VICO.

His field of expertise includes mechanical design and drawing, stress analysis and computer aide MSC/Nastran finite element program, mining hydraulics, and vibrations control as well as maintenance management. Mr. Wayan received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, French in 1990.


Ir. Deddy Nugraha is a dedicated experienced fulltime trainer and technical consultant since 2002. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from ITB, Bandung. He has worked nationally in a wide variety of industries including: technology, aerospace, utilities, auditing, mining and institutions thus engaged as a corporate consultant. He also holds certifications for those particular fields from Snecma, France; Engine Support Inc., USA; Danobat, Spain; DNV, Singapore; MTU, Germany and FAA Auditor, USA.

Mr. Nugraha is a member of Indonesian Society for Reliability and was elected as General Sectretay for 2004-2007 period. He has trained hundreds of managers, engineers and floor associates, subjects taught to include; CMMS, RCM, TPM, Project Management, Quality Process Control, Corrosion Control and Protection, Failure Analysis, Engineering Design, Instalation & Constrcution, Inventory Control and Management.

Major clients include: Pertamina, British Petroleum, Petrochina, Siemen Power, PT. Indonesia Power, PT. Krakatau Steel, Freeport Indonesia, PT. Surveyor Indonesia, Chevron, Medco Energy, PT. Aneka Tambang, Garuda Maintenance Facility, PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara, PT. Semen Padang, PT. Semen Gresik, PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper, PT. Tjiwi Kimia, PT. Pupuk Kujang and PT. Kaltim Prima Coal.

Jun 21-24, 2010
4 days

Novotel Hotel, Bandung

Tuition Fee
Rp.7.250.000,- per participant, excluding accommodation & tax.

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